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How to Pack Bulky Items

Packing in general can be quite overwhelming, and trying to figure out how to pack bulky items can be just plain frustrating! If you feel up for the job of tackling your move on your own, All My Sons Chicago moving company has tips on how you can pack bulky, oddly-shaped items.

Some of the bulkiest items in your house include: mattresses, couches and dressers.

When packing your mattress, you want to protect it from any dirt or damage by wrapping it in thick plastic or place it inside a special mattress bag. If you’re using a moving truck, you can place the mattress on the back of the truck standing upright and secure it to the truck with moving straps. If you choose to forgo the moving truck, you can strap the mattress to the top of your car with strong rope.

If possible, when packing couches, our Chicago moving company recommends removing any legs or hardware protrusions, since legs alone can add up to a foot to the couches’ width. Once you’ve disassembled the couches as much as possible, you should cover them in a moving blanket protect the upholstery.

A tip and trick from the movers at the Chicago moving company is to leave your clothing inside of the dresser. You should not tape any drawers shut because packing tape can be hard on wood surfaces so you want to avoid any damage. The best way to pack a dresser is to wrap it in moving padding or plastic to keep the drawers in place.

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