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The 5 Stages of Packing

All My Sons’ Franklin Park moving company has created this moving guide just for you! It features the 5 stages of packing to get you to your moving day hassle-free.

  1. Plan

The planning stage is when you feel so ready to tackle this move head on. Start making lists and writing timelines. You will feel on top of everything if you do this and you will thank yourself later.


  1. Get Organized

Start organizing rooms in order of frequency they are used. Start organizing a formal dining room, living room or guest bedroom first. As you get each space organized, keep working to the most frequently used rooms.


  1. Sort Items

Now that everything is organized, you should make four piles: donate, trash, sell and pack. You will have so much less clutter to take into your new house if you do this.


  1. Start Packing

Everything is organized and sorted so you are ready to pack! To make the unpacking process go as smoothly as the packing process, pack the boxes the way you have everything organized. If you pack room by room you will be able to put the boxes in their respective rooms in your new house.


  1. Label Everything

If you label everything, and absolutely everything, moving day will go so smoothly! Both you and the professionals at your Franklin Park Moving Company will know each box’s respective rooms, and this will make unpacking so much easier on you. You and your movers should be reminded of fragile items so don’t forget to label those either.


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