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All of us are aware how tedious packing can be when moving. A time-consuming hassle, packing is the most dreaded part of any move. Professional movers and packers in Franklin Park can offer advice for moving and tips for packing to help you be better prepared for the moving process. All My Sons Franklin Park is a professional packing service company in the area with 5 tips on how to properly pack for an upcoming move.


Prepare in Advance

According to our expert Franklin Park movers, most people tend to go into the packing process head first. Instead of doing so, they suggest that you prepare in advance. This includes creating a budget for your packing, buying supplies, and listing all items in your home – like an inventory.

Don’t be scared to Purge Items

Another tip professional packers is to avoid packing anything that can be purged. Host a garage sale, donate, or even throw out some of the items you don’t need.

Better Start Early than Late

A common mistake, according to the Franklin Park movers, is that people tend to leave the packing process for last. They suggest starting as early as possible with the packing process.

Don’t Pack your Pillows, Towels and Blankets

Our experts also suggest avoiding packing or throwing out your older pillows, towels, and blankets, as they can serve as great padding when packing the moving truck.

Do your Measurements

Another helpful tip from Franklin Park movers is to do your measurements before packing. This includes measuring your furniture and other large items, so that you are better prepared both for the packing process and the move, so that you can buy the right supplies.


All My Sons Franklin Park offers a complete moving experience that includes packing, so that you don’t have to. If you would rather not worry about any of the above, opt for a full-service move that include packing services and supplies that our movers will come to your home with and pack everything in your home, from cabinets to dresser drawers, from your current home to your new home. What’s even better, we can even unpack all of your belongings at your new location!

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap? One of the most fun items for the whole family is often considered a packing essential just because it will leave you popping for hours making the move process and even better experience. However, our expert Franklin Park movers decided to share with us some real thought on whether or not you should bubble wrap. Here’s what they said.
Bubble Wrap is Not Exactly Necessary

According from the experts at All My Sons, who offer packing supplies in Franklin Park for those who are moving or just need to pack an item for transport, bubble wrap is not necessary all of the time. For most items in your home, the bubble wrap can be replaced by recyclable stuff you can find around your home, such as old newspapers, towels or even wrapped T-shirts and clothes. For example, when packing your dishes, instead of using bubble wrap, you can wrap each dish in newspaper and cover it with tape. This will also help you save space.
But is Essential for Fragile Items

Franklin Park movers also say that bubble wrap can be of great help for most of your fragile items. For example, it can be used when packing your Flat screen TV, if you don’t have a Flat screen TV packing kit. It can also be used to cover your mirror, picture frames and more. Bubble wrap is also essential in the protection of your items for longer moves.

Are you planning to move to Franklin Park? The bustling metropolis infamous for its windy atmosphere is a perfect choice! Understanding the tedious frustration people experience when packing, our experts from the Franklin Park moving company All My Sons Moving & Storage, decided to give you a few tips on exactly what to pack for your move to Franklin Park, Illinois.


Lots of Clothes for every Season

People know that Franklin Park can be windy, as it is in Illinois, but what they tend to forget is that Franklin Park can also be extremely hot. With this in mind, make sure to be prepared for each and every season. Make sure to pack lots of clothes for the hottest to the windiest of conditions.


Kitchen Essentials

Every college student tends to forget how important kitchen essentials can be. While Franklin Park has some great take-out places and a lot of restaurants, chances are you’ll want some home cooked meals every now and then. With this in mind, make sure to pack a few kitchen essentials on your move to Franklin Park.


Bathroom Essentials

Another item people often tend to forget are bathroom essentials. Make sure to have soap, shampoo, toothbrush, towels and toothpaste with to avoid having to rush to the store for such items the first day of your move.

From beaches to rooftops, some of the scenic views in Chicago are out of this world. All My Sons Moving & Storage, a full-service Chicago moving company, has been in, out, and around the entire city. We have compiled a list of three of the best views in Chicago for new residents and unfamiliar locals.

The Sky Desk – You can explore the city like never before and step out on the Ledge. The Ledge is a glass-walled, glass-bottomed box at 1,353 feet up in the air. The Chicago moving company says you can step out onto the glass floor to enjoy one of the best views in Chicago.

Cindy’s at the Chicago Athletic Association – Cindy’s is a restaurant at the top of an 11-story hotel, offering a perch to look at Chicago’s front yard. The Chicago moving company says you can see Millennium Park and Lake Michigan. Grab some cocktails and snacks while enjoying the best views in Chicago from here.

The John Hancock Building – Chicago 360 at the John Hancock Center offers breathtaking views of the city and Lake Michigan. Here you can learn about the history of the John Hancock building, stand out on the observation deck, or lay out on The Tilt. The Tilt extends out and over The Magnificent Mile and Chicago’s world-famous skyline – offering downward facing views from 1,030 feet high! Being able to hold up to eight visitors at a time, The Tilt slopes visitors outwards, ultimately changing the way visitors see Chicago.

There are plenty of more places to experience some of the best views in Chicago, such as Homestead on the Roof, North Pond, River Roast, Streeterville Social, University Hall at UIC, and more. Enjoy the scenery!

Relocating from one home to another can be stressful, as it takes time, money, and effort. To make your move a bit easier, All My Sons Moving & Storage of Chicago is here to share a few of the top moving mistakes and how to avoid them.

Failing to Purge. Take moving as an opportunity to get rid of all of the stuff you no longer want or need. There is no sense in packing and moving things if they do not serve you any use anymore.

Cheap Moving Boxes. Of course, it is a smart, budget-saving idea to get used boxes, especially if they are free from your local businesses. However, attempting to use weak, dirty boxes can cause your more problems in the long run. Do not go cheap on moving supplies, like tape and bubble wrap, either. You do not want your belongings falling out of boxes in transit.

Forgetting to Properly Label Boxes. The Chicago moving company says one of the top moving mistakes people make is when they vaguely label boxes, or label them improperly. Make sure you write the contents on at least two sides; however, we suggest writing on all four.

Procrastinating. Moving requires plenty of planning. If you know you are an avid procrastinator, get started as early as possible. Use a checklist to help guide the way in order to avoid this moving mistake. If you know you are moving during a busy time of the year, such as spring or summer, make sure you are proactive about your moving date as well. Contact your Chicago moving company in advance.

Although most people take every precaution to protect the things in their household, accidents happen. So many things have the full potential to completely ruin your carpet if they spill. We know this holds true, so we have created a list of stains and how they should be treated. So, before you try to remove stains from your carpet, All My Sons of Chicago suggests using this guide as a reference.

Water-soluble stains can be removed with a simple cleaning solution made with ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar and 32 ounces of water. These stains include: alcoholic beverages, berries, soda, food, ice cream, jellies, milk, dirt or mud, ink, or latex paint.

Special water-soluble solutions can be removed with 1 tablespoon of ammonia mixed with 1 cup of water. Keep in mind: the Chicago moving company highly suggests you do not use this mixture on wool, or wool-blend carpet. These stains are blood, chocolate, coffee, mustard, teas, wine, or vomit.

For fatsoils, and waxes, the Chicago moving company suggests you set your iron on warm, place a paper towel over the stain, and set the iron on top. The wax, fat, or oil should lift from the carpet and stick right onto the paper towel.

You can remove stains from your carpet with regular ingredients you have laying around the house with these tips. If your carpet is wet for a substantial amount of time, you are risking mold and the growth of bacteria. Use fans or a dehumidifier to expedite drying time after cleaning, if needed.

There is nothing like a St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Chicago. Between the Irish taverns and the explosion of the color green, both visitors and locals can celebrate the Irish culture to the fullest extent in Chicago. All My Sons Moving & Storage, a full-service Chicago moving company, is here to share with you some of the fun things to do this St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

The Dyeing of the Chicago River – On Saturday, March 11, 45 pounds of eco-friendly vegetable dye is poured into the Chicago River to turn it green for the holiday! The dyeing of the Chicago River is a beloved tradition, dating back more than 50 years. The color stays for about five hours, so make sure you get your photos in!

Gaelic Storm – Our Chicago moving company says you can watch the multi-national Celtic band perform at House of Blues for two days straight! On Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11, watch Gaelic Storm perform for tickets as low as $36.

Parade Downtown – On Saturday, March 11, attend one of the largest parades in the nation for your St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago! This year, the downtown parade is celebrating its 62nd anniversary. The Chicago moving company encourages you to embrace all that Chicago has to offer on this holiday by going downtown to rejoice.

Get ShamROCKED – On Friday, March 10, and Saturday, March 11, head to the Hard Rock Café Chicago for the Get ShamROCKED bash. The Chicago moving company says this celebration is free, with activities for the whole family!

chicago_river_winter_pete_fussleWe’ve had a pretty brutal winter this year in the Chicago area. With record low temperatures and the usual snow the “Windy City” can be formidable during the winter months. But now with March upon us we can look forward to the spring thaw and an end to the white snow and grey skies of winter. Soon there will be a lot of green to be seen in the area.



Oak Park 640px-Conservatory_wide_angle_jon_petersenis sponsoring a number of great events to help put some spring in your step. If you’re ready to see some greenery a little early, the Spring Flower Show will be held from February 14th through May 10th at the Garfield Park Conservatory. From March 6th – through March 8th Oak park will host the 4th annual One Earth Film Festival, the midwest’s premiere environmental film festival. Festivities will kick off with the Fourth Annual Green Carpet Gala at Columbia College. One favorite spring activity for the young and young at heart is kite flying. On March 30th the Trailside Museum will host “March Winds And Kites” teaching kids 6-12 about the nature of winds and letting them learn to fly kites.

greening_of-chicago_river_Shutter_RunnerOf course we couldn’t mention Green and March in the same breath without highlighting the greenest event of all, St. Patrick’s Day !!! Throughout the middle of March the annual rite of spring will be celebrated. This year’s festivities include events like the 2nd Annual Green Mile Pub Crawl On Roosevelt Rd and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in downtown Oak Park. The revelry culminates with the annual Greening Of The Chicago River. Tons of water color will turn the river green. Spring in Oak Park is a time of renewal with the city shaking off the winter snow and putting on the green of spring. Are you thinking of moving to this booming city that is rated one of the best suburbs in America ? Call us here at All My Sons Moving and storage and we’ll spring into action to give you the best moving experience period.

Images courtesy of Pete Fussle, Jon Peterson and Shutter Runner

chicago-from-space-nasaChicago is a very famous city. The first non-Indian settlement was founded in 1780 by Haitian native Jean Baptiste Point du Sable. Following its incorporation in 1821 and the completion of the Michigan and Illinois Canal, Chicago quickly grew to become America’s “Second City”. Mark Twain once said “It is hopeless for the occasional visitor to try to keep up with Chicago. She outgrows his prophecies faster than he can make them.” Not even the Great Fire of 1871 could dampen the city’s growth.

sears-tower-chicago-mike-thomasMany things about Chicago are common knowledge. It is the birthplace of the skyscraper and the Sears Tower is the 3rd tallest building in the world. Speaking of Sears, Sears and Roebuck invented retail shopping here. The first sustained nuclear reaction took place at the University of Chicago. Chicago has always been a leader in music and culture with such famous names as Benny Goodman and the Band Chicago hailing from the “Windy City”. And of course the fictional “Bad Bad Leroy Brown” lived on the south side of Chicago.

Those are some facts you may already know. Here are some slightly more obscure bits of Chicago lore:

  • The Chicago River is the only river on Earth that flows backward
  • Western Avenue is the world’s longest continuous street, at 23.5 miles
  • Chicago was the birthplace of soap operas
  • The zipper was invented in here in 1851
  • The Twinkie was invented in Chicago
  • Route 66 began in Chicago
  • The car radio was invented in Chicago
  • The TV remote control was invented in Chicago
  • Cracker Jacks were introduced during the 1893 Chicago Fair
  • The Cubs haven’t won the World Series in nearly 100 years (Unfortunately everybody DOES know that one)

Thinking about making The Second City your next home ? Call us here at All My Sons Moving & Storage. We haven’t been around as long as Chi-Town but we do have a quarter century history of giving you the best moving experience period !!

Images courtesy of NASA and Mike Thomas

Young Chicago drivers nowhere to be seen

Young Chicago drivers nowhere to be seen. Somebody’s happy about it.


People need to get where they’re going, but the cost is high. Plainfield spent over three hundred thousand dollars this year on roads, and that only covers the salt. Transportation’s budget between now and 2040 is nearly four hundred billion dollars.

With all of this cost looming, demand for roads may go down. Between 2001 and 2009, drivers under 35 drove 23% less. This is a combination of fewer drives, shorter drives, and other forms of transportation. More people are taking CTA, Divvy, and new ride sharing services.

The counter argument is that once more of the younger generation gets older and has kids, their transportation needs will increase. That’s where the planned spending becomes essential. While this is likely true, there is no evidence that the trend of reduced youth driving won’t continue with those about to start driving.

As your local movers, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage certainly like reduced traffic. The sooner we can deliver our customers’ furniture, the better.

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