Elderly Rejoice as Chicago Youth Flee Roads

Young Chicago drivers nowhere to be seen
Young Chicago drivers nowhere to be seen. Somebody’s happy about it.


People need to get where they’re going, but the cost is high. Plainfield spent over three hundred thousand dollars this year on roads, and that only covers the salt. Transportation’s budget between now and 2040 is nearly four hundred billion dollars.

With all of this cost looming, demand for roads may go down. Between 2001 and 2009, drivers under 35 drove 23% less. This is a combination of fewer drives, shorter drives, and other forms of transportation. More people are taking CTA, Divvy, and new ride sharing services.

The counter argument is that once more of the younger generation gets older and has kids, their transportation needs will increase. That’s where the planned spending becomes essential. While this is likely true, there is no evidence that the trend of reduced youth driving won’t continue with those about to start driving.

As your local movers, we at All My Sons Moving & Storage certainly like reduced traffic. The sooner we can deliver our customers’ furniture, the better.

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Tips for Chicago Renters

Are you a renter looking to relocate? Then your Chicago area moving company wants to help you better prepare for your move.

When you are looking to move into a new apartment, loft, or home in the Chicago area, be sure to weigh your needs versus your wants. Rental rates can vary heavily depending on what amenities come with the residency. Laundry service, gyms, nice counters and lighting fixtures can all add to the value of the rental property, but are they necessary? Making a list of needs vs. wants can be a great way to shave costs and be conservative.

Also, renters should prepare to spend more money upfront. Most rental properties require a security deposits to be paid upfront, as well as the the first and last month’s rent. If you are using a rental broker be sure to research the associated fees. Rental insurance is a very smart thing to invest in so your valuables are covered and properly cared for. Other than those, having some money ready to spend on essentials can help make your move in quick and seamless.

Finally, calculate your budget so you can determine what you can afford to spend each month. Compare your budget to average rental costs so you can find a place that allows you to live the way you need to. Its also a great idea to consider a roomate to help save even more money on monthly costs.

If you are looking to move into a new rental property in the Chicago area, its always crucial to be prepared. When you are ready to move, All My Sons can help you get moved into your new place. Our service and promptness can not be matched, and our Chicago movers are trained to fill any moving need you have.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/avoid-paying-high-rent-125600265.html

Chicago Movers Look Forward to Cooler Temperatures

Your Chicago Movers have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast just like the rest of the city during this hot summer. This past July has been one of the hottest on the records, luckily it wasn’t hot enough to break any! The first week of August is expected to be warmer than usual too, but we are hoping, as is the rest of Chicago, that the end of August starts to cool down as we wrap up the summer moving season. Your Chicago relocation specialists hope you stay cool as the summer begins to simmer down.

Useful Packing Tips from your Chicago Movers

When you’re relocating to a new home in Chicago, there are several phases of preparation for your moving day. Packing is one of the moving stages which many people find tedious and tend to avoid until the last second. Procrastination and moving are like oil and water, they just don’t mix; rather than avoiding the packing duties that you encounter, you should start boxing up your items early. Not only do you give yourself more time to pack your moving boxes by starting the task early, you stand to do a much more efficient job! So that you can truly make the best of your packing efforts, your Chicago mover here would like to share a little video that gives great tips on packing for your move! Unlike procrastination, organization and moving go together swimmingly, and the following video gives a great example of how to best organize your items while packing for your residential relocation!

New to Chicago & Looking for Fun Family Activities in the Area?

Wondering how to reward your kiddos after your move to Chicago? Why not treat them to an inspiring trip to one of Chicago’s many famous museums? There are nearly 50 local museums in Chicago, moving isn’t the most fun your child will have, but treating them to a fun family museum day will help them forget about the torturous boredom suffered during move preparation. All Joking aside, your Chicago moving professionals know your kids will love discovering new things as well as time spent having fun with family. Your child can enjoy learning about everything from dinosaur bones to space travel!

Potholes Give Chicago Residential Movers the Blues, Hooray for 2012 Repairs!

It is no surprise to your Chicago professional movers that more than 600,000 potholes were filled in 2011. As a moving company that covers the whole state of Illinois and beyond, we know more than most how big of an issue the state’s deteriorating roads is. Fortunately there are big plans in store for 2012 and tackling the Chicago pothole problem that affects all local resident motorists. Discussion of appropriately-named “pothole killers” being put to use suggests that 2012’s remedial action toward unacceptable road conditions will be very effective. Your Chicago relocation experts can definitely get used to smoother rides on pothole-free roads and can’t wait to start seeing results!

Oprah’s Chicago Apartment is Move-In Ready

Oprah Winfrey’s 4,600-square-foot sixth floor Chicago apartment is now up for rent for $15,000 monthly. Complete with three and a half bathrooms, a solarium, library and three bedrooms (one of which being the 1,200-square-foot master bedroom) moving into Oprah’s Chicago pad sounds like quite the dream home, but apparently not for Winfrey herself. Oprah purchased the co-op apartment in Chicago back in 2006, but opted against moving in for fear that prying neighbors might make a habit out of invading her privacy. Assuming the next tenant of Oprah’s lavish Chicago digs isn’t of celebrity status, your Chicago area movers don’t think peeping neighbors will be a problem.

Who do You Trust to Move Your Piano?

Would you trust a monkey with the crucial task of moving your piano? If you care about your piano’s safety you sure wouldn’t, but who would you trust with relocating such a heavy instrument? Your Chicago relocation specialists are also professional piano movers, and we want to take this opportunity to educate all local piano-owners who may be in need of moving services soon. The hilarious video below is a highly unlikely scenario, but many people looking to move a piano in Chicago don’t realize how close they come to reenacting this classic commercial by entrusting movers who aren’t properly qualified to safely move pianos.

Rave Reviews for your Chicago Movers!

For people looking to move in Chicago, finding a reputable relocation specialist is extremely important in order to have a stress-free moving day. Surfing the web, one can easily research potential candidates to see which moving companies in Chicago offer the most affordable and most reliable services. Your Chicago movers here are devoted to complete customer satisfaction on every move, and customer reviews like the two below go to show how serious we are about achieving that goal!

The office called the day before to make sure of the itinerary. The movers called the morning of the move. The movers showed up on time. They were extremely efficient, courteous and polite. They were very careful with the very old furniture that was moved. I would use them again.

Allmysons moving was great. I bought my brother movers as a gift and Allmysons was clear and upfront with costs. The move was from Wrigleyville to Ukranian Village. They arrived when they said they would and worked nonstop. The finished in the estimated time and there were no hidden costs or fees. I and my brother would hire them again if need be.

Count on a quick, safe, and overall stress-free moving experience with these Chicago area relocation specialists!

Chicago Movers Not the Only Facebook “Fans” in Town

Parents-to-be and avid facebookers, Lindsey and Dave Meske, have turned to the masses of fb itself for some rather unusual assistance. The expecting couple has launched a facebook page calling on users to vote on the name of their unborn child. Rather than consulting baby name books or doing a web search for fitting names for their daughter, Lindsey and Dave have narrowed down their selection to a list of four names and will rely on votes to decide the final verdict –even complete strangers have the ability to vote on the Meskes’ unborn daughters name via the facebook page! Your Chicago area movers have seen many examples of facebook being used as a social tool. Many clients even have facebook to thank for finding the Maryland movers best fit to handle their relocation service needs. Facebook has certainly grown leaps and bounds and has become a widely-trusted source of information and advice among users, but this is unlike anything your Chicago mover has ever seen in social networking! Something tells us that the Meske’s will be turning to facebook when the time comes to move in order to make room for the new baby! By the way, the four names currently on the ballot are McKenna, Madelyn, Emily, and Addilyne. Which name would win your vote?