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One of the most frequently asked questions for people who are moving is- to pack or not to pack? Packing requires a lot of time and energy and packing an entire household can be extremely stressful. Hiring a moving company to handle everything before you move is an option. Enlisting in professional packers will definitely come at an additional cost, but the professional packers in Chicago will have you packed and moved before you can even know it!

Leaving the packing to others is going to take a lot of stress off of you and your family. Professional packers will save you time and energy and you can put that time towards more important things. If you aren’t focused on packing you can spend more time working, taking care of your family, and handling other aspects of your move.

It can take the packers at All My Sons’ Chicago moving company just hours to pack up what would take most people months. Packing up your house is an extremely tedious process and if you work full time and have a family, you might be feeling like you don’t have enough time to pack. The trusted professionals at our Chicago moving company have the training and experience to get your move done efficiently and safely!

Another bonus to hiring professional packers: you don’t have to go searching high and low for packing products. The professionals will come prepared with the very best moving supplies to ensure that your belongings are packed correctly.

Considering hiring a Chicago moving company to make your move as pleasant as possible. All My Sons has been serving Chicagoans with superior service for over 20 years. Let us make your move easy today!

Save Money on Summer Moving Costs in Chicago

Moving during the summer can be tough because it is peak season. But with the help of All My Sons Moving & Storage in Chicago, you can learn how to save money on summer moving costs.

Create a Budget

Before you start moving, Chicago movers suggest that you sit down and figure out where you’ll be spending your money. Sometimes people who aren’t prepared with a moving budget find themselves in more debt and even more frustration. Figuring out exactly how much you need to finance your move and how much you want to spend will end up saving you money.

Weed Out Your Junk

It’s a simple equation- the less stuff you have, the less money you have to spend. Use moving as an opportunity to get rid of any unwanted belongings and you can even make some extra cash out of the deal. If you have stuff that is in good enough condition to sell, go for it! If you still have any leftover things that can’t be sold, take them to your local charity or Salvation Army and you can even earn a tax deduction.

Hire Professional Packers

You might think that hiring professionals will cost you more money, but you if you pack everything yourself and something breaks, you are held responsible for it. Chicago movers are trained in the best and proper techniques to ensure that your belongings make it to your new place without any damage. Our movers have been providing superior moving and packing services to our customers in Chicago for over 20 years. You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in the hands of trustworthy movers.

Packing in general can be quite overwhelming, and trying to figure out how to pack bulky items can be just plain frustrating! If you feel up for the job of tackling your move on your own, All My Sons Chicago moving company has tips on how you can pack bulky, oddly-shaped items.

Some of the bulkiest items in your house include: mattresses, couches and dressers.

When packing your mattress, you want to protect it from any dirt or damage by wrapping it in thick plastic or place it inside a special mattress bag. If you’re using a moving truck, you can place the mattress on the back of the truck standing upright and secure it to the truck with moving straps. If you choose to forgo the moving truck, you can strap the mattress to the top of your car with strong rope.

If possible, when packing couches, our Chicago moving company recommends removing any legs or hardware protrusions, since legs alone can add up to a foot to the couches’ width. Once you’ve disassembled the couches as much as possible, you should cover them in a moving blanket protect the upholstery.

A tip and trick from the movers at the Chicago moving company is to leave your clothing inside of the dresser. You should not tape any drawers shut because packing tape can be hard on wood surfaces so you want to avoid any damage. The best way to pack a dresser is to wrap it in moving padding or plastic to keep the drawers in place.

If you are moving to Chicago, you may be wondering if you really need a “full-service” moving company. You might be surprised to learn that more people are turning to this type of moving service to complete their move. All My Sons Chicago moving company has the reasons why more people are using full service movers in Chicago.

Full service movers save you time. Time is extremely valuable to you and your family, so why not leave all of the packing and moving to the professionals, so that you can focus your time elsewhere. On top of it, the full service movers in Chicago are so efficient that they can get all of your belongings packed up and on the moving truck faster than you could ever imagine!

Contrary to what you might think, full service moving with All My Sons’ Chicago moving company also ends up saving you money. If you choose to pack and move yourself, there are so many hidden costs you might not even be aware of. You also have to purchase everything separately and those costs tend to add up very quickly. Hiring a Chicago moving company do to everything for you will eliminate all of that. After a consultation with one of our representatives, you will be given an upfront quote without any hidden fees.

Full-service moving also gives you peace-of-mind. There is so much involved in the packing process and the professional movers at All My Sons are trained in the best techniques to ensure the safety of your belongings. They also have the proper equipment to get all of your belongings loaded safely and securely onto the back of the moving truck.

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Moving is such an exciting time in your life, so you shouldn’t be stressed out or overwhelmed by all the packing that must get done. If you decide that you aren’t ready to start packing all by yourself, All My Sons’ Franklin Park moving company is ready to take over. We are a full-service moving company that offers a variety of packing options.

All My Sons Franklin Park moving company offers packing services in Franklin Park to help make your move as smooth sailing as possible! We offer a few packing options: owner, partial and full packing services.

If you choose to pack yourself, we offer the best packing products that are available for purchase. Our packing products will ensure that your belongings are packed safely when we come pick them up on moving day.

Our partial packing service is a great option if you want to pack most of your belongings yourself, but want us to take care of your more difficult items. We quilt-pad all furniture, covering any exposing fabric, to make sure your furniture gets to your new house without any damages.

If you want us to pack everything for you, we are more than happy to. We look forward to treating you and your belongings with the utmost care. Our movers have been trained in the best packing techniques, so you won’t have to worry about even lifting a box!

If you are moving to Franklin Park, your local Franklin Park moving company at All My Sons Moving & Storage has a complete guide to moving to Franklin Park this summer that will make each aspect of your move easier.


The weather in Franklin Park is varied, and even in the summer you’d be surprised by how low the temperatures can get. During the summer and at its warmest, Franklin Park reaches highs of 81 and lows of 66. The warm air comes with humidity so pack up your hairspray and deodorant, it will still be hot!


Franklin Park is one of the most walkable cities in the country, so you should get outside and walk around. There are so many neighborhoods in Franklin Park, but The Loop is a central district located in Franklin Park. There are so many places to eat and shop in this neighborhood, it’s a must-see.

For the Kids

Franklin Park offers some of the coolest attractions for children, so your kids will be happy to be moving to Franklin Park. The Lincoln Park Zoo is situated within the historic district of Lincoln Park and has free admission. For a refreshing day in the park, take the kids to the Crown Fountain. The fountain is in Millennium Park, is 50 feet tall, and features photos of real Franklin Parkans. The kids will get wet so bring towels!


Contact our Franklin Park moving company for assistance with your move!

All My Sons’ Franklin Park moving company has created this moving guide just for you! It features the 5 stages of packing to get you to your moving day hassle-free.

  1. Plan

The planning stage is when you feel so ready to tackle this move head on. Start making lists and writing timelines. You will feel on top of everything if you do this and you will thank yourself later.


  1. Get Organized

Start organizing rooms in order of frequency they are used. Start organizing a formal dining room, living room or guest bedroom first. As you get each space organized, keep working to the most frequently used rooms.


  1. Sort Items

Now that everything is organized, you should make four piles: donate, trash, sell and pack. You will have so much less clutter to take into your new house if you do this.


  1. Start Packing

Everything is organized and sorted so you are ready to pack! To make the unpacking process go as smoothly as the packing process, pack the boxes the way you have everything organized. If you pack room by room you will be able to put the boxes in their respective rooms in your new house.


  1. Label Everything

If you label everything, and absolutely everything, moving day will go so smoothly! Both you and the professionals at your Franklin Park Moving Company will know each box’s respective rooms, and this will make unpacking so much easier on you. You and your movers should be reminded of fragile items so don’t forget to label those either.


If you are choosing to pack yourself, the Franklin Park movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have recommended these three packing products that are necessary to have a hassle and stress free move!


You know those old boxes you kept around from your last move because you thought you might need them again? Throw those out. Purchase sturdy boxes from your local Franklin Park movers to ensure the safety of your belongings. You are also going to need boxes in all shapes and sizes.

Packing Paper

Protective material is the one area that you can’t overdo. You want to guarantee that your belongings will get to your destination in one piece, and the only way to do this is having the right protective packing products. You want to get as much packing paper as you can from your local Franklin Park movers. Packing paper is versatile and can be used in many ways.


To make both your packing and unpacking go smoothly, be sure to label everything. On the outside of each box, you should label the contents of the box, as well as which room the box will go in on moving day. If there is anything fragile in any of the boxes, don’t forget to write “fragile” with an arrow pointing up, so you remember how to handle that box on moving day.

Millennials and Generation-Y teens have their own way of doing things. What’s more, having grown up eating and breathing information, they have acquired some unique and versatile tastes. Millennials love being around their own, building unique communities. Whether you are a millennial or a generation-Y teen moving to Franklin Park, or if you want to learn which neighborhood is best for your millennial moving to the area, here are the best neighborhoods in Franklin Park.
West Loop

West Loop is considered to be one of the best places for millennials. With a bunch of high schools, the place is filled with Generation-Y-ers. Popular with college kids, West Loop offers more than a few spots where millennials can hang out.
Lake View

Another popular neighborhood for both millennials and Generation-Y individuals is Lake View. With its picturesque views, number of thrift shops, and restaurants, it is perfect for college kids and high school students alike.


A Franklin Park suburb, Schaumburg is the place where millennials reside. Found just a few miles from the O’Hare Airport, 25 miles from the city of Chicago, and with a few major highways being just a mile off, the suburb is known for its number of shopping malls, businesses, nature preserves, and more.


Another popular suburb for millennials, Evanston is a popular suburb for college kids. One of the most diverse communities of the Franklin Park area, it certainly has everything a millennial would love after moving to the area.


Even though it’s not the most popular neighborhood among millennials in Franklin Park, Andersonville is a great place for those who love to discover. It has some amazing spots, shops and restaurants every Millennial and Generation-Y-er would love.

All of us are aware how tedious packing can be when moving. A time-consuming hassle, packing is the most dreaded part of any move. Professional movers and packers in Franklin Park can offer advice for moving and tips for packing to help you be better prepared for the moving process. All My Sons Franklin Park is a professional packing service company in the area with 5 tips on how to properly pack for an upcoming move.


Prepare in Advance

According to our expert Franklin Park movers, most people tend to go into the packing process head first. Instead of doing so, they suggest that you prepare in advance. This includes creating a budget for your packing, buying supplies, and listing all items in your home – like an inventory.

Don’t be scared to Purge Items

Another tip professional packers is to avoid packing anything that can be purged. Host a garage sale, donate, or even throw out some of the items you don’t need.

Better Start Early than Late

A common mistake, according to the Franklin Park movers, is that people tend to leave the packing process for last. They suggest starting as early as possible with the packing process.

Don’t Pack your Pillows, Towels and Blankets

Our experts also suggest avoiding packing or throwing out your older pillows, towels, and blankets, as they can serve as great padding when packing the moving truck.

Do your Measurements

Another helpful tip from Franklin Park movers is to do your measurements before packing. This includes measuring your furniture and other large items, so that you are better prepared both for the packing process and the move, so that you can buy the right supplies.


All My Sons Franklin Park offers a complete moving experience that includes packing, so that you don’t have to. If you would rather not worry about any of the above, opt for a full-service move that include packing services and supplies that our movers will come to your home with and pack everything in your home, from cabinets to dresser drawers, from your current home to your new home. What’s even better, we can even unpack all of your belongings at your new location!