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Homeowners Insurance, A Must!

Have you ever heard the one about the burglar who fell through the skylight and sued the homeowners whose house he was about to rob over his injuries? What a ridiculous account of events! Insurance for your home, be it homeowners or renters insurance, is a definite must for anybody who cares for his or her belongings. However; it looks like homeowners insurance doesn’t cover every worst case scenario, as is evident in the burglar/skylight story. Through a bit of research your Chicago area mover here did find that this story is indeed true. However; the facts of the original event have been stretched and morphed beyond belief. The original story is just as hard to swallow though. Insurance is there for a reason; you don’t often find yourself in a sticky situation that only insurance can get you out of, but when those few-and-far-between instances do happen, it makes having insurance from the get-go well worth the trouble. If you want to be extra-cautious, perhaps replacing your skylights with bullet-proof glass is something you should consider!

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